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There are many ways to experience Australia's culture, but if you are a sports fan then Melbourne, Victoria is the perfect destination to introduce you to some of Australia's finest sporting events. Irrespective of the time of year you visit Melbourne, you can almost guarantee you'll arrive when the city is buzzing with activity in preparation for a major Melbourne sports event, or is in the thick of celebrating it.

A map of Melbourne will show the different sports stadiums dotted throughout the city. These venues provide comfortable, accessible and professional spaces for Melbourne events. You'll marvel at the city's ability to transform itself for some of Melbourne's special events, where city streets or parks become the venue, such as St Kilda or Albert Park for the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Melbourne sports events often stretch over days, weeks or even months, such as the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, which runs for 50 days at a time when Melbourne's weather is glorious. The event culminates with the prestigious Melbourne Cup race, which is the ultimate event in the Melbourne Cup Day events program.

Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the most impressive venues as the stadium can hold 100,000 people. It is used for many different types of sports events, including of course the cricket and AFL , but also for other events in Melbourne, such as live music gigs.

So if you're keen to be immersed in sports fever Melbourne and Australia style, then start deciding what sport, what time of year, the type of accommodation in Melbourne that's right for you and how long to stay.


Melbourne Australian Rules Football

While visiting Melbourne, Australia, expect to overhear plenty of fervent sports talk about one of the country's most popular sporting games - "Aussie Rules". more >>


Melbourne Formula One Australian Grand Prix

If your idea of sports-fuelled fun involves deafeningly loud whizzing sounds and gutsy, competitive racing, then the Melbourne Formula One Australian Grand Prix is the sporting event for you. more >>


Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

Choose to visit Melbourne, Victoria in spring if you're keen to be swept up in the glamour and excitement of Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. more >>


Australian Tennis Open

Held in Melbourne, Victoria over two weeks, the Australian Tennis Open is the Grand Slam event for the Asia Pacific region. more >>


Melbourne Boxing Day Test

With the excitement and exhaustion of Christmas Day over, the Melbourne Boxing Day Cricket Test is one of Australia's most popular sporting events. more >>


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