Australian Tennis Open

If you're planning a visit to Australia and you'd like to experience one of its most successful, energetic and addictive sporting events, then choose the summer month of January and book your tickets to the Australian Tennis Open.

Held in Melbourne, Victoria over two weeks, the Australian Tennis Open is the Grand Slam event for the Asia Pacific region. So, just as Wimbledon is to England, and the US Open is to America, the Australian open tennis event is Australia's proud contribution to the Grand Slam Circuit.

The majority of top players love playing at the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne, so if it's good enough for the players, then hopefully it's also good enough for you. Roger Federer has played remarkable tennis at the Australian Open eight times, winning the 2004, 2006 and 2007 men's single competition.

The players are attracted to the event for the professionally maintained courts, the meticulous tournament planning, the friendly organisers and for the relaxed and jovial Australian approach to sport.

You'll appreciate the weather Victoria provides in summer. While temperatures can reach steamy heights with the odd sun shower thrown into the mix, most days are pleasantly balmy and long, with the sun only dipping below the horizon after 9pm.

Aside from watching the steady stream of games played on the outdoor and indoor courts over the two weeks of the Australian Open tennis tournament, there are also plenty of events off the court to introduce you to the players and keep you entertained.


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